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Digital Practice Toolkit

Learning music can be complicated, and we drummers are used to juggling multiple tools to deal with that. Sheet music, MP3 players, YouTube videos, slowdown/looping apps, notation editing software. Why isn’t there a single tool that combines everything a drummer needs?


Introducing the Beats Drum Studio Digital Practice Toolkit (DPT).

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 12.31.42.png
How it works

The DPT is based on the Soundslice player, a hybrid audio player/notation viewer that syncs audio, video and music notation into a single, elegant interface. No more juggling, no more wasting time. The result: an effective, efficient and fun learning experience that lets you;


  • View music notation synced with multiple audio/video recordings

  • Click on notation to go to that moment in the recording

  • Slow down or speed up any section of a song to hear every note played. When you’ve nailed the part, bump the tempo back up and rock out in real time.

  • Loop the trouble spots. No more pausing and rewinding when you mess up that fill. Simply grab the section of the song and loop it over, and over, and over until you’ve got it down.

  • Counting just got easier. Add or remove the metronome to help you count out the beats in a bar. This makes learning songs of all levels easier -- even that odd-time Rush song!

  • Zoom and re-wrap notation to fit smaller screens

  • Take your charts anywhere. Downloadable pdf files let you take sheet music of your favorite songs anywhere -- to the gig, rehearsal with the band, or back to the practice space.

  • Available on all your devices without installing anything. Works on your phone during practice time, your laptop when you’re behind the kit, and your tablet at the gig -- wherever the music takes you!

Try it out for yourself!

Below is a fully functioning demo track that you can try out all the features above with (the track is "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson taken from the Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 1 Drums syllabus.

Here is a link to a quick tutorial on how to use our DPT.

The student experience

  • Everything you need is online and easily accessible through our website.

  • There’s nothing to download or install. It works in any modern web browser on any device.

  • You simply create a free Soundslice account, then you will be given access to your practice material.

  • Once you have access, you can view and practice your music, using the rich variety of learning approaches supported by the DPT. 



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