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  • Stick Control

    Ways to apply the book "Stick Control" to the drum kit
    Valid for one week
    • Course of lessons each with a series of videos
    • Work at your pace and level
    • Access the lessons anytime anywhere
    • Develop your technique, co-ordination & independence
    • Come up with new and creative ideas for grooves and fills
    • Apply new skills in a music context
    • Work with a metronome / click track
    • Study one of the most famous drum books of all time
  • TR&P Grade 1 DPT

    Digital Practice Toolkit for all 8 pieces Grade 1 pieces.
    • • View notation synced with multiple audio/video recordings
    • • Click on notation to go to that moment in the recording
    • • Slow down or speed up recordings
    • • Loop sections by dragging across the notes
    • • Enable a metronome
    • • Zoom and re-wrap notation to fit smaller screens
    • No downloads or installations required
    • • Works in any modern web browser on any device
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